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Friday, 9 January 2009

Messages of support

Good work Jon.

It makes a change to read one of these of these stories in which (a) a Cryptozoological outfit got straight on it, (b) they managed to secure the specimen before it vanished, got lost being sent to a lab,washed away etc.

The CFZ should be congratulated for securing the specimen so that research can establish what it is. Let us not forget that even if it is a dead seal we have the actual specimen, NOT a press cutting, memory of someone's neighbour, recollection of specimen seen 30 years ago etc.

This is what Fortean research is about.The actual carcass preserved and documented on site ,and available to serious researchers, and I am sure if a bigfoot carcass turned up in the USA,Loren would equally be up to bagging and tagging as fast as possible!

Steve Jones

Jon and team.

Congratulations on the find, amazing indeed and it certainly could not be in better hands. I would just like to know with this latest turn towards nefarious activities are we to be issued, as members of the CFC, with ski masks with the CFC logo so we can follow the leadership of your massively daring raid. LOL :)

Joking aside well done on such a magnificent find.

Kindest of regards

Tony Lucas
NZ Cryptozoologist.

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