In many ways we are very lucky. We get to travel around the world looking for mystery animals, and then write books about our adventures. Of course it isn’t quite as simple as that, because there is a whole slew of mundane administration and stuff, but on the whole doing what we do is a heck of a lot better than having a proper job. We live in Woolsery and we run The Centre for Fortean Zoology – the world’s largest mystery animal research group, and once a year we invite devotees of the weird and wonderful here for the internationally famous Weird Weekend.

We also write a monthly column for The Bideford Post and we decided that it was about time that we introduced Weird Torridgeside to the blogosphere..

Wednesday, 11 March 2009


As far as I am aware, the interview with the journalist from the crappier tabloid newspaper has not appeared yet, so I as yet we don't know whether I will have been quoted as claiming that the Lord of Darkness visited North Devon to rend and to slay amongst the world of men.

I did another interview, this time with The Western Morning News which is, I believe, appearing tomorrow, and also one with the North Devon Journal which may or may not get published, but the most amusing news was when we heard that this morning we appeared in the website of the most prestigious British newspaper.. The Times Online.

I am sure that the only reason that this story is attracting so much attention is that they truly think that Satan Mekakreig Himself is responsible for these mysterious imprints. Well guys, if He is, then The Devil has to be less than a foot tall! But I guess He can assume many forms...

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