In many ways we are very lucky. We get to travel around the world looking for mystery animals, and then write books about our adventures. Of course it isn’t quite as simple as that, because there is a whole slew of mundane administration and stuff, but on the whole doing what we do is a heck of a lot better than having a proper job. We live in Woolsery and we run The Centre for Fortean Zoology – the world’s largest mystery animal research group, and once a year we invite devotees of the weird and wonderful here for the internationally famous Weird Weekend.

We also write a monthly column for The Bideford Post and we decided that it was about time that we introduced Weird Torridgeside to the blogosphere..

Thursday, 6 October 2011


We only actually started this blog a few weeks ago, and until this morning there was nothing on it. But, there are about thirty posts here, going back to early 2009. So there are dear reader, so there are, but until this motning they weren't here.

"But how can such a thing be?" I hear you ask, (the more superstitious of you clutching at talismans and muttering prayers beneath your breath, whilst wondering whether such chicanery is proof of dark forces at work). The answer, however, is simple.

We have been running a highly succesful CFZ Blog Network for some years, and when we decided to start this new addition to it, it seemed to make sense to copy sopme of the earlier entries from the main CFZ Blog which were partly or wholly about High Strangeness in North Devon. So we did, and it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that more will follow soon.....

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